Welcome to WPC-L. Austria

The WPC L. Austria is from 2008, the only official representative of the World Powerlifting Congress in Austria (owner Kiran Kidder; Pres. Mike Sweeney.).

The World Powerlifting Congress was founded in 1986 by Ernie Frantz. Known as the WPC World Powerlifting Congress, it consists of 30 countries that participate in the annual World Championships. We offer competitive and more interesting powerlifting meetings and are particularly proud to be called “lifter’s organization”. The vast majority of our judges are themselves active powerlifters.

Since summer 2008, the WPC L.Austria is also the official representative of the GPC (Global Powerlifting Committee) in Austria.

On the following pages you can find information about everything including Current (dates, results, record lists, etc.) informed, both National and International.

Furthermore you can directly forward us your inquiries, requests and suggestions via the contact link.

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