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The WPC L. Austria is from 2008, the only official representative of the World Powerlifting Congress in Austria (owner Kiran Kidder; Pres. Mike Sweeney.).

The World Powerlifting Congress was founded in 1986 by Ernie Frantz. Known as the WPC World Powerlifting Congress, it consists of 30 countries that participate in the annual World Championships. We offer competitive and more interesting powerlifting meetings and are particularly proud to be called “lifter’s organization”. The vast majority of our judges are themselves active powerlifters.

Since summer 2008, the WPC L.Austria is also the official representative of the GPC (Global Powerlifting Committee) in Austria.

On the following pages you can find information about everything including Current (dates, results, record lists, etc.) informed, both National and International.

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The Benefits Of Resistance Bands

The benefits and applications of resistance bands are great. They can be found in a variety of sizes, colours, hardnesses, and designs so that the right bands can be selected based on requirements. Exercise bands can be integrated into various exercises without having to be worried about strength. They succeed in working all of the muscle groups. They may be readily saved and can be carried around easily hence making them exceptionally versatile and in also demand.resistance bands

It’s extremely simple to broaden your exercise regimen utilizing physical fitness bands. Exercises can be altered utilizing these resistance bands. Whenever you have a complete understanding of the body’s power, you’ll be able to proceed and perform more so that the constraints are touched. By exhausting the entire body you’d have the ability to attain more strength gains. This may be carried out by raising the resistance of the band. You can also use resistance bands to reduced strain of some fundamental exercises such as curls.

Creativity is fundamental in designing a fitness program and the best way to use your imagination it to utilize resistance bands. The motion of the human body in various directions assists you along with enhancing flexibility. The usage of the bands helps you in bettering your muscle consequently helping in stretching the muscle tissue also.  Luckily, these bands are available worldwide. In Austria, you may have seen them in your local sports store.  UK resistance bands are also very popular.

Fitness bands aren’t just used by fitness enthusiasts, but they’re also employed by people in rehabilitation. These miracle rings are also occasionally utilized in the treatment of sports injuries. These rings aid in exercising different muscle groups that are not possible to reach with lifting weights. Targeting underused muscles are so possible when utilizing bands to work out.

Treatment of accidents can occasionally cause more damage to somebody who is already injured. This is the place where using rings really helps since they have the ability to target muscles which aren’t hurt without working the injured muscles. The blood circulation increases on utilizing resistance bands and the growth of this circulation assists in the healing of their injured muscles. This is the way they’re employed in sports rehab centers.

Using rings can be better than weight lifting since they’re easily portable and can be kept anywhere. There isn’t much space required to execute such exercises. Overall with a resistance band to exercise includes plenty of benefits. The rings are exceptionally durable and therefore are effective, and so they’re a worthy investment. You are able to use these to break up the monotony of your routine exercises, and in the procedure, you’ll be gaining muscle and muscle mass.


Get The Right Powerlifting Belt

As powerlifters and strength athletes, we understand the importance of utilising a powerlifting belt for those heavy lifts. But selecting the correct one for powerlifting is very important. There are various types of weight lifting belts around, but independent of brand, there are a few things to consider when looking for a belt. They should be:

  • Manufactured from high quality leather
  • It should be as thick as is comfortable
  • Should the same with all the way around the belt

For those who don’t know, a weightlifting belt is used to help to generate intra-abdominal pressure and it is not solely used to support the back. A good belt will support the spine by making it more stable under those extremely heavy loads. This is due to the intra-abdominal pressure generated by the belt. This ability helps assists the wearer in lifting or squatting more weight, because their spine achieves a greater level of stability.

Belts that have a different width around, such as those that are wider at the back than in the front, are not optimal for high level strength athletes. These types of belts do not have as much of a surface area on the front to press against the abs.

Selecting the correct belt is very important for serious lifters. It’s important to check reviews of the best powerlifting belts. is a site that we recommend visiting during your search for the correct belt.

inzer powerlifting belt

Powerlifting Belt Width and Thickness

As previously mentioned, a very good belt will have the same with all the way around. A 10cm width is good for most lifters so it can be placed comfortably between the hipbone and of ribs. 10cm is also the limit for most powerlifting competitions. So while having a good surface area to push the abs against, it should also be rigid and firm to assist with this generation of intra-abdominal pressure.

A belt should also have a level of stiffness to the point where you can put it on and it stays place during a lift. The most rigid belts (which are used by many competitive powerlifters) are 30mm in thickness. Again, this is the maximum thickness allowed to be worn for powerlifting competitions.

Another factor which affects the performance of a belt is the buckle or mechanism. Many people do not like double prong belts because they can require additional effort to put it on and take off i.e. getting the second prong to fit properly. This is why many prefer single prong belts.

More expensive belts may have a lever mechanism. These are a great way to get a belt on and take them off quickly. They also allow you to get a high level of tightness very easily so they are often preferred over prong belts. However, the downside of a lever belt is that the adjustment is not as simple as with a prong. Usually, the lever mechanism must be removed and adjusted and then refitted to the belt. This means that sharing the belt with other lifters or adjusting it for different lifts in the gym is quite difficult.

For many professional powerlifters, the inzer belt is the go-to belt of choice.